Hello everyone,

Rune here. I've been noticing a lot of questions on the Discord regarding Soul Cards; especially once players hit B+ rank which opens up a few different Heroic Journey quests which are:

- Equip +1 Soul Card on weapon
- Equip +1 Soul Card on gear
- Equip +1 Soul Card on accessories

So, Soul Cards are broken into three categories:

- Weapons which are represented by cards with a RED border.
- Gear which are represented by cards with a BLUE border.
- Accessories which are represented by cards with a GREEN border.

In this image you can see I've added coloured squares around each slot to show you which slot fits which kind of card.

For the quest in particular, you need to level up one of each coloured card and equip it to an appropriate spot.

Soul Card Guide: Unique Weapon Effects

There are some UR Soul Cards which can give your UR witch weapons a special effect like so:

As you can see, the Belial witch card give’s specific bonuses if you’re using one of Belial’s Witchgear weapons like:

However, to get the full effect of the Witchcard, you must upgrade it.

Soul Card Guide: Upgrading Soul Cards

To upgrade soul cards, you need to use Soul Shards. There are many different ways to obtain Soul Shards, but one of the best ways to obtain more is to participate in the Soul Hunter activity.Other ways to gather Soul Shards include guild chest rewards, adventures, the restock shop, and many more.There isn’t really a “best” Soul Card. But using the right ones to compliment your element, and weapons will carry you far.Upgrading cards also gives it a bonus to one of it’s stats every 3 levels. If you ever dream about getting a 4* card, try to upgrade ones that already have four stats on it to really reduce the amount of luck you need to get that final bonus.

I tend to use my RED weapon cards as fodder, as I like the ones I have equipped already.

Soul Card Guide: Races

Every Soul Card is connected to a certain race. Most of them require a set of 4 to unlock the bonus, excluding Goetia and Obscurity.The races include:Undead: Skill Damage +10%Monster: Normal Damage +40%Humanoid: Attack Speed +25Elemental: All Elemental Damage +7%Demon: Crit Rate +40

Human: Armor Penetration +300

Goetia: Boss Damage +4%

Obscurity: Critical Damage +12Each card has its own personality which has a variation of primary stat boost, as well as a randomized variance of stat bonuses below it.