This part of the Guide will talk about what you can do when you are stuck at a rift. I will mainly talk about the upgrades I did on my character to make it easier fighting the rifts, they are all based on my personal experience.

Rift 1-35

At this point, you shouldn’t have any problem fighting the rift, as long as you have a good weapon. You should start to prepare to get your witch gear by either doing events or open chests. Just put on the best gear you found in rifts so far and you will be good to go.

Rift 36-55

At this point, you should have your witch gear already, upgrade it as high as possible, and try your best to raise it to 5 stars. Make sure you equip the two main skills for your element (Sleet Storm and Meteor). Just try to roll a good rng room and you will beat all of these rifts with no problem.

Rift 56-70

Your gear from these rifts will now have rune slots now, you have to try your best to have a whole set of rune on and activate 400 rune power buff. As long as you have a 5 stars weapon and 400 rune power, you should be ok.

Rift 71-94

At this point, your gear should be all lv 20 gears with a lot of blue slots in them. I personally stuck here for a day and can’t figure out why it is so hard to beat. I figured out that it was because of the second and third weapon. The stats of these weapons are very important to you as well, refine your weapons, your main weapon should have 3 orange stats. And it better has B. DMG in it since weapons are the most efficient way to stack up B. DMG. You want to make sure all your 3 weapons have good stats and they all have B. DMG. Your second and third weapon could have all your main element attacks, or AP (these stats are the ones that I like, see guide one for stats recommendation).

Rift 95 and Above

It is really hard to beat rift 95 within the timer. With the gear you got from Rift 71-94 will not help at all. IT IS HARD. I was stuck here for days. But I used some tricky way to bypass that problem. I farmed for crystal shards, rage crystals, and refresh tokens to be able to fight EX Mine. I did like twice of EX Mine and I got enough materials for about 4 gear in the setup in lv 25. I only picked the useful double orange stats ones and use holepunches to add more rune slots if it is not 4 slots. Prey for the RNG GOD to reroll the color of slots all to be blue (or you can use real money to buy it, easier). Make some lv 6 aux runes and finally reach 800 rune energy. You will feel so easy after that. Just roll for a good rng rift room and you will have no problem until rift 110(that is how far I get to now, not sure how it is after 110).

That is all my experience with Water Ranger. Feel free to reach out to me in Discord or game if you have any question, IGN/Discord: HaOGG