This doc is a collection of Tips or Tricks that you might not know until NOW! These tips are from guild Daevites members, HaOGG, Drago and Exodius.

  1. You can switch between 1-Tap 2 Stars or 1-Tap 3 Stars by pressing the “switch to” button.

  2. There is a Soul Link system hidden in the System Target of Power Up page.

  3. You can upgrade your SR skill with other Class SR skills, just need to be the same element.

  4. Your Power will replenish at 4 AM server time, +280 a day.

  5. You can hold up to 840 power.

  6. You will get 5 free Soul Hunter attempts each day and you can have max 20 attempts.

  7. You need 17 UC or R weapons to 1-Tap 3-Star and you need 3 3-star weapons to ascend a 3-star weapon to 4-star, and you need 3 4-star weapons to ascend a 4-star weapon to 5-star. You will need a total of 272 UC or R and 15 SR weapons to ascend a weapon to 5-star.

  8. For these auto-attack stack cast skills, it will work even if you change to other weapons.

  9. Adventure will add exp to your current character, please make sure you are on the character that you want experience on.

  10. After you reach level 60, your experience will become a pool.

  11. Above the Master Tier in the Arena is Apex bronze to Apex Master.

  12. World Boss is 6 times a week and the avatar you get for being #1 is only valid for 5 days.

  13. In the Restock limited store, the price of the same item might be different.

  14. Items in store have a number limit.

  15. Techine Suit is great if you need mp or health, no matter early or late game.

  16. Techine Suit + Demon Cloak could be a combo.

  17. Gladiator Mask + Breastplate of Battle could be a combo.

  18. If you don’t click on the treasure chest or crystal, you will not -20 power.

  19. If you quit in any room, you will not lose power, your power is charged when you done with the room.

  20. Joining an active guild will help a long way.